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Love and a Monster Man by Dee Rea

Shane Scare, my bro and fellow lover of all things macabre and gory, I hope that you enjoy the short little web we’ve weaved! I know it’s mushy but hey I’m a girl!

She flowed through the dance floor seeking the monster she loves.

The loud thump of electro-industrial music moved her blood in her veins. She loved music almost as much as she loved him. The décor suited her taste impeccably. The Halloween decorations were hung with loving care. Bloody disemboweled corpses and fake spider webs jittered with the bass. The chandelier was carefully and meticulously draped with bloody gauze that looked as if it had been ripped from a fresh mummy’s corpse. This was the perfect night, she thought. The only thing that would make it better would be to find her tall, dark and tattooed man among the patrons.

Moving to the flow of the music, she closed her eyes. She imagined the two of them frolicking in their favorite cemetery. Perhaps falling into each other’s arms under a tree to stare up at the stars or look across the sea of tombstones. She opened her eyes to search the crowd for her love only to see the miscreants that she wished would go away so she could find him. She longed for his tattooed arms around her. A pink tinge hinted at her embarrassment when she realized she’d stopped dancing and now stood in the middle of the dance floor being bumped into by the swaying bodies.

When she felt one of the coils of her silky dreads being tugged, she spun around expecting to find her love. Instead, she saw a different man. He fit the proverbial tall, dark and handsome profile perfectly. His dazzling white smile shone brightly when he bestowed it upon her. She watched as he leaned closer to whisper in her ear.

“Care for a drink?”

She furrowed her brows and tilted her head to the side. She looked at him blankly for a moment because men like him didn’t usually talk to women like her. She was a bit on the curvier side of life and had her own share of tattoos. “Uh, sure why not?”

He stepped in beside her and placed a hand at her lower back to guide her through the swarm of people toward the bar. He raised a hand to flag the bartender over and then gazed down at her to beam that dazzling even white smile at her. “What would you prefer? A nice red wine or perhaps Guinness would be more to your taste?”

“I…No, I’d rather just have a SoCo and coke if you don’t mind.” She furrowed her brow in confusion. Why would he assume she’d want either of those drinks? She turned her attention back to searching the crowd. In doing so, she missed him toss a sneering smirk over his shoulder.

“As you wish my lady, now tell me, what are your favorite haunts? I’ll bet you love those old cemeteries and other dark and spooky places.”

“I don’t like your assumptions, but yes, I do enjoy cemeteries and things of that nature though I fail to see what that matters.” She said with a huff. She thought about just walking away but the bar did give a good vantage point to find her love.

“I see, well since we’re being honest here, why don’t we skip the pleasantries and just go back to my place? Everyone knows chicks like you are easy.” Before she could comment, there was a tap on his shoulder. He never saw the right hook coming or the smile on her face.

“My Monster-man!” She squealed as she threw herself into his heavily tattooed arms. She looked up to see his face with its glorious piercings and sighed contently to be in the arms of the one man that understood what it meant to appreciate the darker side of life.

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