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Happy Holidays!

From your friends at Stories:

We hope you have an amazing holiday season!


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To our family, friends and fans!


During this holiday season we, The Ink Slingers, want to let you know we sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Being able to create the many worlds and characters for you brings us, as authors, a ton of joy.

So, as the end of this year approaches and a new one begins we want to wish you the greatest year yet.  We also wish that you have many adventures both on the written page and worthy of a written story.

Don’t forget to share your story starters with us!


The Ink Slingers


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SMFS Book!

If you haven’t already purchased your copy you are missing out!

Buy your copy here for only $.99!

These are the stories you started!

Thank you,

The Ink Slingers



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First SMFS Book is released!!!

Hello All!!!

I am excited to announce the release of the first of the Stories My Friends Started anthologies.

This is a collection of 5 stories, started by you, our friends, from each of the amazing Ink Slingers.

Please download, read, enjoy and review!!!

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Happy Valentines Day

From the authors at SMFS; we want to wish you all the love and happiness on Valentine’s Day.

We hope you continue to inspire us throughout the year.


The Ink Slingers

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Happy Holidays from SMFS!

Hello All,

From the amazing authors who give you the Stories My Friends (That’s you) Started, we would like to wish you an amazing holiday season.

We are proud and happy to have brought you the many stories in 2016 and look forward to bringing you many more in 2017.

You will also see the first of our short story anthologies released next year: Stories My Friends Started: Volume I.

We hope this is the first of many.

Thank you again for all of your stories and I hope you continue to flood us with Story Starters.

The Ink Slingers Guild

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Halloween Story….

To our Friends, Family and Fans…

On this day of some of the most amazing stories ever told, we, the Ink Slingers, want to wish you an amazing and spooky Halloween.

Don’t forget, if you send us a spooky or scary story starter, we will make sure you have a hard time sleeping after you read it.


The Ink Slingers Guild

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Want more from your favorite Authors?

Hello All,

I am excited to announce that the Ink Slingers Guild has released it’s 5th anthology: Serenity Rising. You can purchase it here!

It features many of your favorite writers from the Stories My Friends Started page.

As writers/authors our energy comes from you the readers.

Here is a sneak peek at the amazing stories you will see when you read this collection:

The collections of short stories by the Ink Slingers Guild (ISG) are based on a writing exercise done at every ISG meeting. The exercise must include the chosen words. The words that were chosen this year were: • Apothecary • Satin • Succulent

•Maggie Baker can’t think of anyone to ask to wear her corsage at this year’s First Days Celebration. After a visit from her fairy godmother, Maggie concocts her own Prince Charming, but when Charle arrives, things get more complicated than she bargained for.

•In a high stakes poker game, four players gamble with more than just money.

•After a childhood of coping with a drug addict parent and traveling with gypsies, Annika’s life has finally calmed down a little now that she’s operating her aunt’s fortune teller shop in absentia… when in walks Fenn, a tall dark and handsome piece of her past, to mess everything up and pour a little more magic onto the fire.

•Grayson Forsythe thought he had left his past behind, but unforeseen events force him to return home and assume the family title and responsibilities he never sought. Unexpectedly, reunited with a woman from his childhood, can she awaken his heart and help him claim a future he never knew he wanted?

•A monster loses a friend but finds love.

•An exciting adventure at sea turns dark when a storm veers Sarah and Molly off course without a sail or drinking water. Will they find aid on a lost island?

•Tasha is a celebrity. She has 11 potential mates when normally you only have 2-5. Christian has 10 and both have reality TV shows detailing every detail of their lives. Can they find “the one” before they are left with the Last Man on Earth?

•In the middle of the night Rachel Davenport is about to find out the things that you can see are not the things you should be afraid of.

•Brynn has seen crazy. She is a nurse in the psych ward so crazy makes up most of her day. Then she meets Jacob, a patient who sees “monsters”. What happens when what she thought as only delusion prove to be real?

Each story is an adventure, sit back and enjoy as the Ink Slingers Guild take you to the Serenity Rising.

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Author Spotlight: Nicole Dragonbeck

At least once a month, we here at Stories My Friends Started, are going to do an Author Spotlight so you can get to know a little more about the amazing authors who take the story starters you provide and bring them to life.

This month we want you to meet the amazing Nicole Dragonbeck. She lives in a world of elves, fairies, magyc and DRAGONS!

In addition to being one of contributing members of the Ink Slingers Guild, she has now two novels First Magyc and Ria’s Mark published in her Guardians of Path book series (which is rumored to be a 10 part story) but don’t tell her I told you that or a dragon might end up on my doorstep.

Nicole also brings to life her fantasy world and is featured in the many anthologies published by the Ink Slingers Guild. You can check out all of her stories available here.

You can also follow and connect up with Nicole at:

And as always, you send in the start to a story, maybe Nicole will create some magyc words for you!

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Give us a Story Starter….

Did you know that we rely on you, our friends, our fans, to give us the spark to start an amazing story?

Send an email to and send the opening line to a story. Make sure you include at least your first name (or a nickname) so we know who to dedicate it too!

The more starters we get, the more stories we write.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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