Rules of High School by Dalia Lance

For Gabrielle Rambo who is always an adventure!

“Like the time I watched your mom huff paint out of a plastic bag…”

Mia looked around at the crowd and wondered how the hell she had ended up here. The latest offensive statement came out of the mouth of Brandon.  He was her boyfriend Conner’s best friend. This seemed to be his only redeeming quality.

Mia looked up at Conner who had his arm draped around her, in some hope he would put an end to the insults. Instead he held up his free hand for a high-five. Brandon of course was more than willing to participate.

Is this worth it?

Mia just started at Malcolm Driver High School about two months ago. She moved from sunny California to Virginia where her father had been transferred. In her previous school, she was nothing special, just the average kid that blended into the crowd. In her new school, however, she noticed right away all the attention being paid to her.

Then, a week after school started, Brandon, whom she had learned was considered the most popular boy in her class had asked her to the movies. She was excited because she hadn’t really dated much and he was very cute. However, after the initial excitement had worn off, she began to consider that maybe he just wanted to date her so he was the first person to sleep with her.

She wouldn’t have done that, but it would make for a horrible date and potentially an awkward school life from that point forward. Because of the worrying for three days before the date happened, when Brandon knocked on her door to pick her up, she opened it and blurted out, “I’m not having sex with you if that is why you asked me out.”

Brandon smiled and then laughed. She knew she had turned bright red and could only look at her feet. It was horrible until he put his hand under her chin and lifted her gaze to meet his and said, “I just thought you had an amazing smile.”

Mia smiled and on the date Brandon had been a gentleman. Actually every time they spent time together, he had been amazing. He was funny, smart and seemed to really want to know everything about her. He had even taken her to one of those painting places and painted a picture with a unicorn because he knew she liked them.

The person she was dating wasn’t the same person as the rude jock that was sitting next to her now. She looked at him again and he met her gaze and winked. In that moment, she knew that this was high school and soon enough it would be over.

With that, she looked over toward Brandon as she grabbed a fry from the plate in front of her and kicked him under the table. When he yelped, she feigned innocence and said, “Sorry. Was that you?” He looked like he wanted to say something else but she cuddled closer to Conner and Brandon simply said, “That’s cool.”

You have to love the rules of High School.


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