Love of My Life by Erika Lance

For Amanda Dodge, thanks for inspiring me.

He found her clipping her toenails in the kitchen.

This was by far the most disgusting things he had seen her do yet. Not only was she clipping her toenails on the counter, she was clipping them into his cereal bowl. He shouldn’t have left it unattended.

Harry had often thought he could never stand to be away from the love of his life, Cindy. Now, he knew that wish was a horrible idea.

He looked over to see Cindy now dropping the bowl off the counter, the contents spilling everywhere. Harry just sighed. He had replaced all the dishes in the house with plastic ones years ago. He knew he would have to clean all of this up, but he didn’t have the mental strength.

He walked over it and poured himself another bowl and ate it over the sink, just in case she decided to knock it from his hands.

When he was finished, he realized she was no longer in the room with him. He listened. Silence. This sometimes bothered him more then the noise she created when she was breaking things. She was always breaking things. Harry supposed he would breaking things as well if he was trapped in the same house forever.

This was all his fault.

He had met Cindy when they were in high school, freshman year. She was laughing in hallway, and he followed the noise to the source and fell in love.

They had the best relationship,the perfect relationship, and when she got sick, Harry did the most desperate thing he was able to do. He wished on a star.

It turned out the star was being monitored by a demon with a wicked sense of humor. So, his wish was granted… Of course it was all about the wording. When making a wish, you should always make sure to word these things perfectly.

Saying something like “I want Cindy to be with me forever” was not perfect wording. When she passed away at the hospital, he was grief stricken. Cindy had been his whole world. So when he arrived home, he was so thrilled that she was there, sitting on the couch. He was so thrilled that he didn’t notice that Cindy wasn’t thrilled. In fact, she was angry.

It actually took him three weeks to realize how mad she was and that she wasn’t actually interested in spending her afterlife or in other terms, her forever, stuck in a two bedroom house.

He had tried everything to undo what he had done. Even offered his soul to the demon. It turned out that his soul wasn’t nearly as valuable as hers. This coupled with the fact that the demon thought this whole situation was funny. So, he, no they, were stuck.

He looked down at the mess on the floor and then said “I love you” as he grabbed the paper towels to clean up.




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