Best Day Ever by Erika Lance

For my friend Lisa Zeien, you are truly an amazing princess!

The entry theme of Star Wars hummed through his head as he entered the boardroom.

Today was the day he was finally making it to the top. Brian knew had an idea that would revolutionize the company. He had run the numbers, and it was a guaranteed success.

It had taken him a few months to convince his Vice President to propose it to his Senior Vice President, who then proposed it to his Chief.  As he opened the door, a small knot formed in his stomach, nerves, he took a deep breath and continued to walk in.

Brian had arrived over an hour before the meeting was to begin. He wanted to ensure that nothing went wrong during the presentation. One technical glitch or ill placed slide could take away from his credibility and he knew it.

He set up his presentation at the far end of the room near the projector. He carefully laid out the booklets containing the proposal at each of the seats. He ran through the presentation, each slide reciting his prepared speech. He was even ready for questions. As the time finally arrived, he was 100% sure he was going to nail it.

As the board members and other important executives arrived, Brian greeted each one of them. His confidence was at the highest point it had ever been. He knew, truly knew, that this day would change his life.

As he began the presentation, he could see that there were skeptical, if not almost disinterested, looks on most of the faces. The exceptions were the people who had already seen the presentation and he could tell from the looks on their faces that they knew something the others did not.

Brian showed the final slide. There had been a few questions throughout, but overall he had seen the reactions change from the mostly negative to very positive.

Brian was pulling his chair out to take a seat when he heard the first spray of shots. They were so loud and his first reaction was to cover his ears. Then he felt the sharp pain as something hard and sharp hit his back and he tumbled forward.

He lay there wanting to feel for where the pain was but he was having a hard time breathing. He continued to hear shots and screaming for a couple more minutes. He looked to his left and saw one of the executives, the COO, laying with several shots in the chest. His face looked as if he was looking into the distance.

Brian tried to focus and looked back to the right and saw one person still walking around. They were wearing black khaki pants and boots. Black spots were beginning to form on Brian’s vision. In some distant part of his brain, he knew he was in terrible pain but the shock seemed to be keeping it at bay.

As the person who seemed to be the only one still moving got closer, he would hear one shot here and there, and as they came around the corner he heard a familiar voice. “Brian, fuck dude, what are you doing here? Shit!” It was Mark.

Brian had worked with him as a project manager until a few months ago when he was let go. Brian had heard rumors about spending company money for escorts and drugs. The story everyone had been told was the department was downsizing. Brian guessed that Mark didn’t take that very well.

Mark was still talking and he felt his body being moved as the blackness consumed him. He smiled a little as the Star Wars theme began to play again in his head.





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