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Favorite Flavor by Dalia Lance

For Brandy, thank you for always being inspiring.

That’s one of the best flavors in the world…

“How would you know that?” Monica asked Chrissy as she grabbed the container of watermelon flavored warming gel from the shelf at the “couples super store” they had decided to stop in on their way to lunch.

“I tried a bunch of them with Mark. They are great for… you know… ‘heating things up,'” The smirk on Chrissy’s face would have been almost as annoying  as the quotations she was making with her fingers, if she wasn’t blushing a little.

Monica was shaking her head a little when Rachel walked up with what looked like a giant dildo with a suction cup on one end of it. The rubber member was over a foot long and as big around as a soda can.

Rachel held it out in front of her like a sword at first and then gripped it like a baseball bat. “I think I am getting this,” she said as she slung it over her shoulder.

“To do what exactly?” Monica asked while trying to contain her laughter. “Seriously, no human, I don’t care how loose, should be able to take that!”

Rachel narrowed her eyes as if offended by the laughter, or the comment, and then said, “This…” She was brandishing the giant dong in the direction of her friends, “is my new home defense. Anyone tries to break in then I am going to beat them with it.” She was incredibly proud of this decision.

“So if anyone breaks in, you are going to beat them with a rubber penis?” Chrissy asked this as she picked up a couple of the samples of the newest flavor of the warming gel. Rachel nodded and headed for the register. Chrissy handed Monica one of the three samples she grabbed saying, “That girl has spirit,” as they both headed out with their friend.

When they were all back in the car headed to lunch, Chrissy exclaimed from the back, “I think I have a new favorite flavor!” as she held up the now empty sample pack from the store.

“Where did you just put that to try it?” Monica asked and before Chrissy could answer, she said, “Wait! Nevermind. I don’t want to know.”


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