Bad Day at Work by Dalia Lance

To Mark Etheridge: Your line made me laugh my ass off!

Her eyebrows were painted on, but too high, so she always looked surprised…

It had taken Mandi over three months to get used to Maria’s eyebrows. She was a very attractive woman with the exception of her drag-queen type eyebrows which seemed to have actually gotten a little higher since they first met.

Mandi’s daughter Sarah had wanted to join a Daisy troop, but since there were none in the area, they had settled on a Brownie troop that was in desperate need of a co-leader. This shouldn’t have been a bad decision. Unfortunately, staring at a room covered in flour and sugar, Mandi was 1000% sure this was the worst decision she had made as a parent.

Maria had seemed like a very dedicated parent and brownie leader when Mandi was first introduced to her that first night. In fact, it seemed like she had been the victim of some bad luck, with three other co-leaders dropping out of the program on her.

Mandi had actually felt a little pity and immediately signed on. Sarah was thrilled. When they arrived a little early for the first official troop meeting, Maria walked up and was standing only inches from Mandi when she said, “Did you read the manual?” Her eyebrows making her look surprised and angry at the same time. Her hands were fists on her waist. “Manual?” Mandi asked, unable to break eye contact with the eyebrows now looming at her.

“Yes! The Manual,” she said, pulling out a binder so large it would put an encyclopedia to shame from her bag. Mandi hadn’t even been told there was a “Manual.” She carefully explained this to the eyebrows, and Maria apologized saying she was a little on edge from work. Mandi had that first time decided to dismiss it; everyone has at least one bad day.

When she found out Maria was a stay-at-home mother, it began to get a little weirder. Mandi had volunteered that first night to help the girls achieve some baking and cooking badges as she made cakes as her business and when she proposed the idea, the eight girls in the troop, and Maria, seemed thrilled.

So, on the third meeting she brought all the supplies for the girls to make a small batch of six cupcakes each. It started out fine and well until Maria’s daughter decided to launch her bowl of dry ingredients at her mother who, in the girl’s defense, was being particularly bossy at that moment.

Maria then jumped up and started grabbing the bowls of flour and sugar off the tables and slinging it all over the room as the troop members watched, some in shock, a couple crying and two of them giggling.

This went on for about ten minutes until Maria slumped to the floor, covering her face with her hands and she began sobbing. Mandi walked over to her after getting the girls started on cleaning up. When she put her hand on Maria’s shoulder, she jumped, startled, and Mandi now saw the famous eyebrows smeared across her face.

Trying not to laugh, Mandi asked, “Bad day at work?”



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2 responses to “Bad Day at Work by Dalia Lance

  1. Mark Ethridge

    I love it!! Started my day with a great belly laugh!! 😂😂😂❤️❤️


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