The Captain by Erika Lance

To DeAnn, one of the most amazingly creative people I know.

“What do you mean, you have no idea how it works!?”

The Captain towered over her, blocking out the light from the emergency alerts still flashing above.

She sighed, and calming herself, replied, “I am not the engineer. I don’t even work in engineering. I work in Astral Navigation. So, NO, I don’t know how this works…sir.”

This had not been what Brea thought space exploration would be like. When she was making her required career choice, she chose Astral Navigation because it was how you really saw space when you were on board a vessel. Otherwise, you may catch glimpses of space, but there weren’t really windows in the ships like they made out in most shows you watch.

Space was a dangerous place; most vessels were armored for the many things you could simply run into while out here–meteors–or come into contact with–an exploding star.

Of course that was why Navigators were needed. They guided the ship to avoid such issues. I bet he now thinks this is somehow my fault, she thought.

“Navigation?” he asked.

She simply sighed. Having conversations like this one never tended to go very well for either party.

There was another explosion that rocked the ship causing the Captain to almost land on top of her.

“What was that?” he sputtered out.

This wasn’t going well at all.

“I think we are under attack,” she stated. She didn’t look up from the components she was tinkering with. It was the shield, or at least what Brea thought was the shield. At this moment, she wished she had paid a lot better attention in her mechanics classes.

There was suddenly a loud noise that sounded very much like metal being ripped apart. The Captain spun around just in time to hear the screams from the crew members on the desks above this one.

“Is the ship being ripped apart?” he asked to no-one in particular.

“How long have you been a Captain?” Brea asked to the sound of more screams from above.

“This is my first mission,” he replied looking around almost frantic.

Brea stood up, patted the Captain on the shoulder and started making her way down the corridor.

“Wait! Where are you going?” he shouted as she walked away.

“Escape Pod. We’re being boarded.” She continued to move down the corridor.

“Boarded?” she heard from behind her. Great, he was following.

“Yes, boarded,” she said to the sound of a small struggle, then a scream, followed by the sickly sound of wet flesh being slammed into something hard.

“By whom?” his voice was almost a whisper which seemed difficult given the current circumstances.

Brea wondered what a person had to do to be named “Captain.” She had always assumed it was taking several missions, moving up in rank after proving they can handle the responsibility. Apparently that, however, was not the case.

Brea made her way to the Escape Pods. As she began to ready the unit, she also initiated the self-destruct sequence.

One of the things that had fascinated her at the academy was that there was a self-destruct mechanism near the escape hatches. When she inquired as to why that was, she was informed that the ship should never be allowed to be taken by hostile forces and sometimes this would be the only option any crew member had.

Her instructor had said this scenario had only happened on three occasions. Well, now four.

She climbed in the pod and the Captain looked back at the ship. “I am not sure what to do,” he said sounding totally confused.

Brea smirked a little and as she hit the pod closure device she said, “Go down with your ship.”

The explosion was actually quite beautiful as the ships were both destroyed. She wondered how long before her rescue would arrive as she grabbed a protein bar from the stores and made herself comfortable.


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  1. DeAnn

    It doesn’t pay to be the captain, does it? Great short!

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