Never Let Someone See You Flying by Alanna J. Rubin

For Sean: To a fellow creative geek, I think I was channeling Smallville.

The one thing you must never, ever do, is to let someone see you flying.

I’ve heard this advice, or should I say order, over and over again since that day my parents discovered my secret. I knew they meant well by it, scared that if others found out that I could be in danger. “They wouldn’t understand,” they’d say. Being cautious made sense, I supposed. I’d seen enough movies to understand that fear of the unknown was a powerful justifier in causing others harm. So I did my best to keep my secret by sticking to the woods behind my home, hidden from prying eyes.

Never did I feel freer than when I took to the air and after the stress of today, I ran off into the woods and left the ground as soon as I was sure no one could see me. Peace replaced the anger and humiliation of the day as I was cocooned by the warm air, floating where the wind took me as if I were floating on water. Thoughts of her began to fill my mind as I ran through the events of the afternoon. Why I ever thought I stood a chance was beyond me. I was nobody of consequence. Not unpopular, but not popular either. Trask, however, was the star football player and Tegan the head cheerleader. Who could compete with generations of ingrained school pairings? I felt less tranquil the more I thought about it and my carefree floating turned into fast dashes between the trees. The faster I went the more my anger seemed to be left behind. I pushed myself to go faster and faster, deftly dodging the branches in my path.

“Garrett?!” I heard penetrate my thoughts and then I recognized the voice. Tegan. Immediately, I lost my concentration and rammed into a tree branch that I had avoided successfully until now crashing to the ground with a groan. She was by my side in an instant. This was the moment I had dreamed about. Well, not the whole crashing into a branch thing, but Tegan by my side. Now, though, I was afraid to look her in the eyes. Would I find fear? Such a revelation would be devastating. Reluctantly, I looked up to catch her gaze and I was met with awe. Tegan took my hand and squeezed it reassuringly. Suddenly, I felt freer being grounded than I ever had when in flight.


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