And They Ran by Dee Rea

Shelby Bercume, my Moon Goddess, I hope that you enjoy this story! May I present “And they ran: Zombies telling stories about chasing the dumb runners”

It was a dark and stormy night….

when they finally gathered around the fire. The pitter-patter of the rain drops beat their rhythmic music on the tarp above their heads. The smell of roasting meat permeated the air. There was a sense of deep camaraderie that was evident to any that would have stumbled onto the scene. The low rumble of conversations floated on the wind broken only by the occasional bursts of laughter.

“Did you see the look on their faces? It could not have gone any better!”

“Your stealth is legendary, Bob. I don’t know how you manage to get so close without anyone knowing!”

“Hell man, his mom even said she snuck up on her when he was born! She was just walking along and POP there he was crying on her leg screaming let me back in!”

“Dude… gross!” Bob said as he playfully punched Mike in his squishy arm.

“Arrrr ewwwww aaaaa ethhh!”

“Drew, shut up and keep turning the spit. You’re going to burn the meat! Who wants half-raw half-burnt meat?” Abe whined.

“Seriously Drew, watch what you’re doing,” Bob said, slapping his thigh. “Now where was I? Oh yeah, so there they were huddled around a tiny, tiny fire whispering about having to stay outside. The older ones were debating sleeping in the car or someone staying up. We stood there listening for probably ten minutes before Marcus stepped on a twig and they saw us!”

“Did they scatter or just sit there with that dumb blank look on their face? “ Mike asked, twirling his stick so that the meat on the end wouldn’t char. “Did ya’ll remember to grab buns or am I eating this without the bun again?” he asked, waving his stick in the air.

“The buns are with the rest of the food. We brought it all back. Now will you shut it about your damn buns?” Marcus snipped.

“Ewww arrrr unneeee?” Drew tried to ask.

“Drew, if you let that thigh sit and burn on one side I will rip your jaw off…. Oh wait, someone already did!” Bob laughed.

“That’s harsh dude! Harsh!” Marcus laughed.

“No worse than chasing those dumb runners. When are they going to learn? They always trip and fall, or worse, shoot someone in the knee to give us an easy target. I mean seriously! Why do you think we had such a good haul this time out? With the humans thinning out as the years go on, it’s going to get harder to keep a sustainable food source,” Bob said.

“You don’t mean……” Marcus gasped.

“Yes, we will have to go back to eating animals and worse, plants! Can you imagine? Zombies eating plants and animals like the runners?!?”


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