Closure by Lisa Barry

To one of my dearest and most loved friends in this world; Erica Kobrin.

I hope my dark words bring closure to whatever ails you. Hugs!
It was a long time coming.  I had waited what felt like an eternity for this moment to arrive and now it had.

I pulled the knife from his chest and watched his face crumple in pain, his eyes disappearing into his laugh lines, his lips just husks of skin. He whimpered.

I shrugged and shook my head. It just wasn’t enough.

I slid the knife into his chest once more. It was a beautiful serrated hunting knife. I had received it as a gift a long time ago after accepting a demon research job. Turns out, when you skewer a demon in just the right place, it stays alive long enough for you to collect some samples and ask it some questions (with the promise of letting it go, of course). Only once did I let one go. He was incredibly handsome, that is, I mean, a real, true heart palpitating out of your throat kind of looks. He promised to visit me in my dreams and I couldn’t resist, strictly for research purposes, to see if he would indeed keep his word.

Son of bitch if he didn’t show up that very night.

And. Boy. Was. It. Worth. It.

A gurgled yell brought me back to my current deed. I realized I had been plunging the knife into the guy’s chest over and over again. Blood was gushing down his body and pooling beneath him. I had him half propped up against the wall. It was his house so I wasn’t concerned about the carpet. I knew his family was out for the weekend while he “worked”. I paid the “work”, which was in the form of a dumb bitch who was here when I arrived, to leave. He gurgled and blood sort of jumped from his mouth and landed on my clean arm.

“A slob even in death,” a muttered. I pulled the knife out, wiped it on his jeans and then stuck it in a plastic bag. I would give it the loving care it needed later.

His jaw was wagging like he was trying to say something. I knew he was in pain. Like mega, holy fuck, I’m actually going to die cause my psychotic ex-wife just stabbed the holy shit out of me type pain.

I smiled at him. I posed in a sexy, sultry way that I knew a certain demon would lunge at me for if he was here. Then I cocked my head and made a sad face.

“You’re loss, babe,” I told him. “You could have had the best of me but no. You had to waste ten years of my life while ensuring that I knew what a horrible, fat, useless person I was.”

His eyes widened and more blood pumped from his chest. Jeez, this guy was blood bag.

I continued, “Funny what self-defense classes and a few good fucks will do for a girl.”

I squatted and stuck a finger in the blood draining from him. I then proceeded to turn his face into a bright red smiley. It seemed appropriate for someone who, while smiling and talking to you, could simultaneously knock you into the ground and kick your teeth in.

In case you hadn’t picked up on it yet, he was a real piece of work, and I was the lucky bitch who got the kill call. Can you believe it? I got to waste this lying, cheating asshole and get paid for it!

I laughed out loud. I was delirious! I calmed a couple of notches, but just a couple when I heard a motorcycle drive by. My getaway had announced its arrival and continued to the rendezvous at the end of the street.

His head nodded then and I watched as his damned spirit peeled away from the body I had ruined.

It had been a long time coming.

A chill rushed over my skin as I thought of what waited for me at the end of the street. Steaming hot. Caring. Interested. Encouraging. Who would have guessed that a Demon would be my knight in shining armor? He actually wore armor, skin tight body armor, but still.

I had waited what felt like an eternity for this moment to arrive and now it had.


 ** The End **


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