Trance by Dee Rea

Trance Duzen, I can’t thank you enough for all the support you’ve given me in a short time. I look forward to many more adventures to come! Here’s my story with you…

I am going to die.

Was his last thought as he laid there, bound, towel covering his face and water pouring into his mouth and nose. The blindfold over his eyes hadn’t helped the feeling of complete helplessness. The bindings held him stationary no matter how hard he tried to get free. He could hear the muffled voices speaking in hushed tones that seemed to be all around him. He’d tried holding his breath but that didn’t seem to help. The sadistic creature dumping gallon after gallon of water over his suspended head would poke him in the side with something sharp. Without fail, he’d gasp and that feeling of drowning would be intensified.

He couldn’t remember how he’d ended up here. The last vivid memory he had was taking the bus from his usual bus stop outside of his job at the restaurant. He’d sat next to this ethereal beauty that wore a perfume like none he’d ever smelled before. He vaguely remembered starting to feel sleepy. His next waking memory was pain from every direction. There didn’t seem to be any part of his body that wasn’t electrified or raw. His shoulders hurt from being tied to what felt like wood stretched above his head. He wished that he could just see where he was. He felt like if he could just see something… anything, he’d feel better about his situation. His other senses were no help. There were no familiar smells or sounds even before the waterfall began. Even the voices, hushed as they were, offered no help to identify where he was.

As suddenly as it started, the water stopped after what felt like an eternity. The towel was removed and he gasped moisture free air hungrily. Sucking in as deep of a breath as his lungs would hold, he exhaled sharply through his nose to try and clear it of the water he was afraid would choke him if he tried to breathe through his nose. The spray told him that he was at least partly right as it rained down on the underside of his chin. The subtle perfume he’d smelled on the bus tickled his nostrils and he jerked his head side to side trying to find the source.

“You’ve done well, David.” A female voice whispered so softly that it seemed to him to caress his ear like a lover. “I am pleased.”

“Hey! Who…. Uh…” The feeling of hands settling onto his flesh silenced him. He assumed they were hands at least or perhaps they were hands in gloves because they didn’t feel like any hands that he had ever experienced in his life. He felt the hands all over his body, squeezing, caressing, and everything in between. The realization that he was completely exposed hit him like a ton of bricks. Slowly, the table that held him suspended began to turn until he was no longer upside-down. The hands continued to explore every aspect of his naked form. There was no crack, crevice, or protrusion that was safe from their invading hands.

“Very nice specimen, Intravivos. Where did you find this one?” the deep voice hissed or lisped, David wasn’t sure which it was. The voice was disturbingly close to his body.

“I found him on Earth. You know that adorable little planet that sends distress signals almost daily? I found him on one of those large wheeled transports.”

“You have all the fun!” a female voice chirped from the direction of his feet. He tipped his head down and then up as far as he could. He sighed. The blindfold was too good. There wasn’t even a crack of light peeking in. When a leathery hand found his manhood, he let out a yelp.

“Careful, Aldroximonia, you don’t want to damage him so soon. He is a fragile species,” the voice belonging to the one that had answered to Intravivos said.

“Fragile my ass,” he muttered before he could catch himself. The gasp echoed through the room as if done in a chorus. The hands left his form. He felt the room empty, or so it seemed.

“You speak bravely for one so helpless,” Intravivos said. “Perhaps it is time you see what you long for yes?”

“That would be uh… cool?” he replied, not sure if he liked her tone. It seemed almost ominous.

“Then be a good little pet,” she replied with a coy smile unseen by him on her face as she leaned closer to him. She wasn’t touching him, but was sure he could sense just how close she was. “Beg.”

“What?” he laughed.

“You heard what I said,” she said as she rested her hand on his bare chest. Her razor sharp fingernails tapped an impatient rhythm .

“I uh…. Please?” He winced, feeling like the nails were taking chunks of flesh with every annoyed tap.

“Not quite what I had in mind, but it will do for the moment.” She lifted the blindfold from his eyes. She took a step back into the shadows. She watched him blink patiently.

“Thank you,” His voice trailed off as his eyes adjusted to the dim candle lit room. The room was empty. Where had everyone gone? Where was she? For the first time, he relaxed a little bit. The mirrors along the walls reflected the flickering lights in such a way that seemed to multiply the amount of candles tremendously. There were chairs of varying sizes and shapes scattered around the room. “Um Ma’am? Where are…am… What the hell is going on?”

“You, my friend, have been chosen. I traveled far and wide to find one that I deemed worthy of the gifts which will be bestowed upon you when we are done.”

“I don’t understand. What do you mean chosen?” He looked around, trying to pinpoint exactly where her voice was coming from.

“David, you are on Orlla. You are a privileged guest of mine. You see, I am paid very well to bring specimens to this very exclusive place. Those specimens come from all over the, how do you say? Universe? Yes, I think that is the way your kind view it. “

“Hold on! What do you mean my kind? Orlla? I’ve never heard of it. Look lady, I’m tired and sore. I’d rather you just step out where I can see you so we can figure all this out. I don’t even care that you’ve tortured me. I just want to go home, ok?”

“David, I think you’re missing the point, but I will humor you.”

David’s jaw slacked when the iridescently shimmering woman glided into view. She didn’t seem to be touching the ground instead she hovered. He heard her voice but never saw her lips moving. He shook his head and closed his eyes tightly.

“I am offering you the opportunity of a lifetime, David. If you consent to your circumstances, you and your family for generations to come will never have to worry about material comforts. You will be expressly wealthy with a never ending source of income. If you can endure the pleasure and pain you will experience within these walls. If you are willing to trust me explicitly and without question, all that I have promised will be yours for generations to come. Think about it, you will never have to work at that place you hate so vehemently again. Your children’s children will sing your praises. Do you consent?”

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