Raindrops and Running by Erika Lance

To Cliff: You bring new meaning to “sexy beard” and the world thanks you for it.

Little did she know, today was going to be the last night of her life.

Sandy stared out the window at the rain that just moments before had looked like a monsoon and was now simply a drizzle.

“Raindrops keep falling on my head…..” came singing from the kitchen. Sandy assumed it was Margie working on the dishes or cooking one of those terrible new vegetarian recipes that tried to imitate a meat dish. Sandy couldn’t understand why anyone who wanted to be a vegetarian would feel the need to make dishes that tasted like meat.

There were many things Sandy didn’t understand about Margie. However, after six years of living together, she had decided that she didn’t in fact need to know these things as they would not actually make any sort of difference on the outcome of Margie’s behavior towards Sandy.

When Margie had tried to get Sandy to “go vegetarian” as well, Sandy just simply refused to eat the food being presented until Margie relented and went back to the standard fare that Sandy enjoyed.

The rain had completely let up a little while later and Sandy decided that she needed to actually do something more productive with her day than sit lazily by the window watching the rain, regardless of how relaxing it had been.

She got up and looked around and decided a little stroll outside would give the needed amount of exercise and then she would decide her next action. It is always better to do one thing at a time to not get too distracted and not finish the one you started to begin with.

Heading out the door, she walked down the little path leading to the gate and then the street where her house sat. It was one of the prettiest sights, especially now in the spring when all the flowers on the trees that canopied the street were in bloom. It was beautiful.

Sandy was so mesmerized by the trees that she wasn’t paying close enough attention to where she was going and was shocked when she heard a deep growl in front of her.

Standing before her was one of the biggest dogs she had seen in real life. Its jaws were slightly open and it had drool running down its teeth. It growled again and she knew she had to run. She turned and began to run without looking back. The barking told her it was right behind her and she decided if she didn’t find a place to hide, she was going to get bitten or worse.

She had only a moment but decided to turn and head across the street to a fence she was sure the beast wouldn’t be able to make it through.

That is when she heard the squealing tires and it all went black.


Margie heard the sound of a dog barking outside and looked to find Sandy was no longer in the spot she normally sat on the window sill. Margie looked around to see if she could spot her anywhere else as she heard the squealing of tires.

She looked out the window and saw beneath the front tire of the stopped car, the familiar look of the white and black spotted fur.


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